HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEI ♥ I couldn’t say this in the JeeZeiKo-letter (due to limited amount of space under the drawing OTL) but: I have known you for almost 3 wonderful years already asdfghk I’m just so glad I had enough courage to say hi to you back then (~´ u `)~ You’re the oneesama I always wanted and precious friend as well! I LOVE YOU LOTS #glomps <33 But enough of cheesy talks, enjoy your special day! ♥ Jolly and Aomine are waiting for you ufufu ლ(́순◞౪◟순`ლ) 

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    OH MY SWETTIE IMOOTOU— *______* W-wha ajfklsdfjsdk (☣////☣) I’m so glad bby, to have you as friend ;w; You really make...
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